About Us

My name is Bec. I am not the FOURTHSISTER... but the 3rd! 

Growing up in a household with three sisters and one brother, my brother always joked that he was just another sister. So the name FOURTHSISTER is a tongue in cheek tribute  to my big brother.

I am an expat from Australia, who has travelled the world and been fortunate enough to appreciate different cultures and fashion trends.  I have always loved the idea of having my own  fashion retail business, but never really knew when was the right time, place or how I’d get started. I made the decision to start my small retail business after our most recent move to Johor, Malaysia. As a bonafide shopaholic, I found myself wondering around malls and it proved extremely difficult to find something I like, and indeed something that would actually fit me! That was when I made the decision to start FOURTHSISTER.

I  love the casual vibe of the boho look. The soft flowing dresses give me sense of freedom, like spending a day at the beach. I knew that was the look I wanted to wear and that others would also appreciate, and it fits nicely into the humid South-East Asian climate in which I live.

My first stock order came from a supplier in Bali. I started selling from home and at local fairs to ladies in the area. As I’ve wanted to grow and reach a higher number of people, I decided online was the best way forward for me. I have since started introducing Australian brands and am looking further afield to ensure I have the latest looks at reasonable prices, that look great on women of all shapes and sizes.

Sometimes online shopping loses its personal touch,  I will be available to my customers to answer any questions they may have about the fit of individual pieces, to enhance the online experience and bring a more individualised shopping experience.